Red-Root Sage: A Natural Supplement for A Heart Healthy Lifestyle

The pressures of our hectic everyday schedules can often make it difficult to eat right or to exercise. These factors can contribute to high blood pressure and to elevated cholesterol levels. This month we want to share some exciting news about the possibility of controlling one’s blood pressure and cholesterol together through the use of a single natural supplement.

Many clients who have visited Independent Nursing Care’s Workplace Wellness clinics in Western New York have reported that Chinese Red-Root Sage, also known as danshen, has helped them lower their blood pressure along with improving their total cholesterol readings, indicated in part by higher HDL levels. These results do not, of course, replace the benefits that come from exercise and a healthy diet, but they do present another possible weapon in our fight against these common and dangerous health conditions.

check with your doctorThe History explains that Red-Root Sage has been cultivated in China, Japan and Korea for almost 2,000 years (1). Early mentions of this herbal treatment appear in Chinese literature as far back as 206 B.C., but it was not until the first century A.D. that Red-Root Sage began to be commonly used as a curative in the Orient. The herb was used for treating ailments connected with the heart and abdomen. A French Jesuit named Father d’Incarville introduced Red-Root Sage to the Western World in the late eighteenth century, bringing seeds of the plant from Beijing to Paris. Shortly thereafter, the herb made its way to America as collectors of medicinal plants brought specimens with them on their return from Asia.

In the twentieth century, Red-Root Sage became recognized for its cardiovascular benefits, as it has been found to improve blood flow and to reduce pain associated with heart problems. According to, the Red Sage Root is considered effective pro preventing and treading symptoms of angina (3). The root is widely used in Chinese medicine, and its medicinal properties are becoming more commonly recognized and accepted in the United States (2).

globeBeneficial Uses of Red Root Sage:
Because Red-Root Sage works to improve blood circulation and to reduce blood clotting, the perceived benefits from this herb are wide-ranging and they go well beyond the improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels we’ve already mentioned. According to the, the increased blood flow provided by Red-Root Sage may reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks, and the herb is thought to be a useful supplement in bone marrow treatments. New research is providing evidence that Red-Root Sage works to detoxify the blood. This aspect not only benefits liver, spleen and kidney functions, but the purifying of the blood could relieve specific skin problems while also having a positive effect on the aging process. Red-Root Sage has been shown to be an antioxidant and to provide relief for fever and inflammation.

Additionally, a 2008 international cancer treatment study showed that Red-Root Sage contains three ingredients with powerful anti-tumor properties. The results showed that this herbal treatment might provide another approach to attacking cancer cells that are resistant to commonly used drugs.

Though Red-Root Sage, like any herbal supplement, is not a cure-all, the possible benefits stemming from the use of this herb are plentiful and they do indicate a more healthful condition for the heart.

pillsTaking Red Root Sage
It is recommended that a person wishing to try Red-Root Sage take one (1) capsule, two (2) times each day at mealtimes (1). As previously mentioned, please consult your personal physician before taking any medication or natural remedies.

Your health is the most important thing in the world. Please contact Independent Nursing Care for more information. Encourage others to join you in your quest to stay healthy.


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