Inspiring a Healthy Lifestyle

We are living in a very challenging and uncertain time when it comes to healthcare in the United States. People overall are becoming less and less healthy, despite tremendous advances in our understanding the human body. People’s unwillingness or inability to make even minor changes in diet and lifestyle are having disastrous effect on both the health of individuals and on the nation as a whole.

Knowing your health numbers, such as blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose, along with regular exercise and a better diet that includes more fruits and vegetables can go a long way to make a difference in overall health of everyone in our communities.


Independent Nursing Care, is Western New York’s leading provider of flu shots, through public, private and corporate immunization clinics.
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Designated training center for the American Heart Association. The goal of INC and the AHA is to reduce death due to heart attack, cardiac arrest and stroke…
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To promote better health and productivity, our Healthy Living screenings and programs reduce downtime and increase efficiency.
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