Temperature Screening, COVID Employee Screening, Home Health Visits, Independent Nursing Care

Temperature Screenings & Wellness Checks

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, INC is providing temperature screenings and wellness checks for employees and visitors at your business. This service can be an important part of your business’ re-opening plan and effort to keep your employees healthy and safe during this time.

Contact our office at 716-655-8776 to arrange screenings at your company.

Putting Our Programs in place will help you:

  • A Plan built to fit your unique needs
  • Monitoring of your main entrance
  • Properly trained Nurses and Clinical Assistants
  • Direction and guidance to employee or visitor regarding elevated temperature or other symptoms
  • Notification to management of anyone with elevated temperature or negative response to screening questionnaire.
  • All supplies and PPE will be provided by INC.
  • Flexible scheduling to meet the needs of your business.
  • Ability to screen various shifts throughout the day or 24/hr coverage if needed.

At Home Wellness Checks

Is someone you love and care about home alone after being diagnosed with COVID-19 or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19?  It can be very lonely, scary, and difficult to take care of yourself when you are sick and alone in isolation.  This is especially true for the elderly population.  INC is here to help!  We can have a nurse make a home visit to your loved one to check on their status and complete  a holistic assessment on their status, illness and recovery.

  • Check on overall well being
  • Listen to breathing
  • Check Vitals (oxygen, blood pressure, breathing, temperature)
  • Encouragement & Education on self-care
  • General recommendations on how to improve symptoms and illness
  • Light housekeeping if needed
  • Communication with family and doctor (if needed)
  • Supply delivery
  • Meal delivery or preparation

Our nurse will have full personal protective equipment (PPE) upon entering the home. Visits can be scheduled for daily, weekly, or as needed basis.

Contact our office at 716-655-8776 to arrange for a wellness check on someone you love.